Spectacle Buddy: Rainbow Confetti
Spectacle Buddy: Rainbow Confetti Spectacle Buddy: Rainbow Confetti
$ 65.00

Are you always looking for the perfect place to safely rest your glasses when you're not wearing them? Let your Spectacle Buddy help!

These vintage inspired eyeglass holders are perfect for your everyday specs, your favorite pair of sunglasses or those cheapo readers you just picked up from Walgreens. You'll never lose or break your glasses again when you have a Spectacle Buddy by your side! 

Please Note: Glasses not required to fully enjoy this little friend. Our Spectacle Buddies can also hold your masks, necklaces or even just join you on your desk for a morning cup of coffee!

Measures approximately 7" wide x 4.5" tall. 
Acrylic paint on wood. Signed.
Lovingly built and painted by Chris Uphues. 

Fits adult and children's glasses. 

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